Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Twitter Suggestions and Writing Hashtags

So now you're on Twitter but how do you find other like-minded souls? Hashtags and suggestions of people to follow by Twitter are the ways to go. These two elements help you network. Networking and remaining active by engaging and using hashtags is the key to becoming a force on this social media site.

If you aren't aware, suggestions pop up when you click on someone’s profile/twitter feed. You then can click on the people Twitter suggests and follow them. You can also peruse through their tweets and note hashtags they've used.

Having a popular hash tag to attach to your tweets helps you interact and find people who write and read or have similar tastes. You'll find a community of people you never knew existed. 

Even as I've written this more hashtags have been invented and will continue to be invented. That's the internet for you. New and trending twitter hashtags are made up everyday so search what's trending by pressing the explore button or look through your own feed at what people are hash-tagging. 

If you want more hashtags, search other writer’s twitter feeds and trending hashtags. Most of the ones I listed below are for posting quotes from your novel, sharing or talking about writing. Once you search these on twitter, you'll get an idea what the hashtags are. 

General List of Twitter Writing Hashtags







A writing prompt day with no rules or themes.


#WIPjoy - post tidbits about novels in progress