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Color in YA - Original article on Word for Teens Blog (7/14/13)

Theres' a great post on defunct blog WORD by Nicole about adding color to YA. Original article on  Word for Teens Blog   (7/14/13). This is not my work/writing and I am reposting only because I fully-heartedly agree with Nicole. As an African-American women who writes inclusive books featuring many nationalities, I hope soon that showing color in YA will be an accepted norm that finally reflects our world of color. Thank you, Nicole. (She also has a wonderful post about LGBTQ as well.) Racial representation in YA lit and what Trayvon Martin has to do with it. On Saturday, George Zimmerman was   declared not guilty  of shooting and killing Trayvon Martin. Despite the fact that there was all evidence to the contrary, despite the fact that Zimmerman was expressly told not to go after Martin, and despite the fact that Martin had done absolutely nothing wrong, Zimmerman's shooting Martin because he was 'scared' meant that he got off scotch-free. He even got his gun back. I