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What's Your Magic Number?

Everyone has a magic number because everyone gets rejected. This magic number equates to the number of times an author was rejected before they got someone who believed in them enough to give them a chance. J.K. Rowling's magic number was 12 for Harry Potter. Alex Haley's magic number was 200 for Roots. Madeleine L' Engle's magic number was 26 for A Wrinkle in Time. Kathryn Stockett's magic number was 61 for The Help. Stephanie Myers magic number was 14 for Twilight. Nicholas Sparks's magic number was 24 for The Notebook. Margaret Mitchell's magic number was 38 for Gone with the Wind. Jack Canfield 's magic number was 140 for Chicken Soup for the Soul. In addition the Da Vinci Code, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Princess Diaries  and The Diary of Anne Frank   authors all suffered through years of rejection. Each author on this list of bestsellers has sold millions of books. Think if any of these authors had allowed rejections and negativit